Be in the right place for your brand when customers are engaged most

72% of surveyed Pinterest users reported that Pinterest inspires them to shop, even when they aren’t looking for something specific.

70% of users are women - and the majority of Pinterest content focuses on specific industries like home decor, cooking, fashion, DIY and handmade goods.

Interested? You should be.

With a reported 431 million active users every month, and a growing number of consumers using the app for product discovery, Pinterest has emerged as a powerful social platform for brands looking to diversify their paid social media mix. Pinterest is solely focused on promoting products and ideas and, unlike Facebook and Instagram, its huge audience is still relatively untapped. Which is where you and Adible come in.

Drive traffic: attract relevant audiences to your website via specific links in your Pins.

Increase brand awareness: Pinterest works like a search engine. We optimise your ads so they’re easily found by the right audiences.

Generate conversions: there are less steps in the customer journey with Pinterest, which can result in a higher conversion rate.

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