Google Shopping

Easy. Efficient. Effective. Economic.

Adible gets your product ads in front of the right eyes

Google Shopping now accounts for 65% of all Goggle Ad clicks. Adible have the experience, knowledge and insight to optimise a wide range of advanced management techniques, both manual and automated, to ensure your Google Shopping Ads appear prominently to the right customers at the right stage in the buying cycle.

When a click advertising opportunity opens up, we make sure you’re on to it first. We deliver the competitive edge that makes all the difference for all sizes of eCommerce business.

How Adible adds value

We are eCommerce specialists. We work with you as an extension of your team, to help you grow your business effectively and cost-efficiently. Our clients tell us they appreciate our honest, transparent, friendly and responsive approach - and we appreciate their feedback. It’s what helps us get even better as a service, so you get even better results for your business.

  • Versatility
    Adible utilise the whole playbook, applying a wide variety of bidding techniques, from manual CPC through to Smart Bidding and automated strategies to optimise results. Our ability to select what’s right for each product and campaign – and to create multi-channel strategies – gets results for you.
  • Growth
    Adible don’t do average. We always look to go further, do better, sell more. Through in-depth market research and campaign analysis, we are continuously testing out and looking for areas of potential growth. Our decisions are always data driven: there’s no guesswork, so no investment of time or money is wasted.
  • Flexibility
    We adapt to your business’ needs. Working in partnership with you, we focus on the results or KPI’s that are most important to you – be they growth, profitability, or a combination of the two, and work to, and beyond your targets.
  • Optimisation
    Our market-leading product data-feed optimisation services enhance your data and manipulate product feeds for maximum performance. We analyse search queries, identifying any negative keywords as well as opportunities for growth. No-one does this better than Adible.
  • Up to 20% CPC saving
    We are affiliated with one of the EU’s largest CSS partners, a status which means you save up to 20% on cost per click. Resulting in more bangs for your buck, every time.

Product Data Feed Optimisation

By improving the quality of all relevant attributes and creating custom product labels, Adible ensure that the highest quality data feed is submitted to Google. This maximises both the CPC efficiency and the relevancy of your shopping ads.

We’re super-supportive

Adible are always hands on, proactive and available. We provide regular reports and high quality, stress-free, fast support. We’re always on the other end of the phone, so think of us as part of your team, people you can rely on 100%. It’s what we’re all about.

We deliver outstanding results

Our management techniques have seen success over a huge number of Google Shopping campaigns, increasing revenue by 126% and orders by 220% on average. How? By understanding how to optimise every aspect of your online activity, so every penny and pound you spend works harder for you.

We’re a fully-accredited Google Partner

Google recognise our campaigns for their high performance, optimisation, growth, and our team of certificated account strategists. We comfortably achieve the rigorous criteria for the prestigious Google Partner accreditation, which reflects and rewards our outstanding levels of expertise and our years of experience at the highest levels. Your business is in the best of hands with Adible. We become your partners, too.