Microsoft Bing Ads

Bing brings all this to the table….

The key to growing your online sales is making the most of all the channels available:

Carefully choosing where and how you spend every penny you invest to optimise returns. That’s where Adible add value, every time – with smart strategic marketing across multiple channels, all working in harmony.

Google is the worlds No 1 search engine, but it doesn’t reach everyone. Bing, the No 2, offers the perfect opportunity to target new customers and a different, older demographic.

Microsoft Advertising provides an opportunity to promote your products to customers that are searching on Bing, AOL, Yahoo, and more. And with less competitors in this market, and lower costs, Bing Ads can provide an improved ROAS compared with other channels. The audience may be smaller, but the returns greater. Bingo!

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Bing Search Ads

Adible enhance your Google Search efficiency by identifying new keyword opportunities for maximum growth and efficiency. We create highly relevant ads in line with your keywords and utilise different bid strategies to achieve optimum visibility and meet your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Impressively.

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Bing Shopping Ads

We build granular campaign structures tailored to your business: creating, optimising and managing your product data feed to the highest standard and testing and refining manual and automated bidding strategies for continual growth.

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